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Eurocave V-INSP-S-amb-cuisine bois-noirg


Luxury Built-In Wine Cabinet

Cabinet Dimension (mm): 810 (H) x 594 (W) x 597 (D)
Weight: 54 kg
Capacity: 30 bottles (Traditional Bordeaux)
Wine cabinet, 1 temperature, full glass door, built-in and integrable. With its range of temperatures between 5° and 20°C, this wine cabinet is perfect for ageing your wines. You can also convert it to a wine serving cabinet dedicated only to your white or red wines. This model forms part of Eurocave's inspiration range: available in built-in or integrated versions, these wine cabinets have been especially designed to fit perfectly into your kitchen. - Function: Ageing - Number of temperatures: 1 temperature - Size: Model S - Door type: Full glass door, Integrated Technical, Stainless Steel Glass, and Technical Solid Doors. You can fit it with sliding shelves fitted with Main du sommeliers, storage shelves and even add a sliding serving shelf allowing you to store opened bottles upright. You can store up to a maximum of 30 bottles with 1 sliding shelf and 1 storage shelf.

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