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This 6170D model is our latest wine cabinet generation. It combines cutting-edge technology, clever design and respect for the environment. Thanks to its 2 independant temperatures area range of 5° to 11°C and 15°C to 20°C, this 2 temperatures cabinet allows you to store your wines (white and red) at an ideal serving temperature.
This model from Eurocave Professional's Series 6000 range is a design and performance product which will meet the requirements of all professionals.

- Function: Service
- Number of temperatures: Two temperatures
- Size: Large model
- Color of cabinet body: Nero
- Type of door: Black frame glass door

Choose between 2 shelf layouts depending on your requirements in order to faciliate ordering and access to bottles, or to display your bottles with an optimising storage.
By combining several wine cabinets, you can precisely manage the serving temperature for your full wine list. Placed side by side, your cabinets will also show off your wines. Discover our options for doors, lighting and shelving to stylise your cabinets!

EuroCave Professional 6170D Image.jpeg
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