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Luxury Cigar Cellar

Cabinet Dimension (mm): 950 (H) x 655 (W) x 690 (D)
Weight: 56 kg
Capacity: Approx. 40 boxes / 1000 cigars The EuroCave cigar humidor was designed to be adaptable. Several types of storage are offered to best meet your requirements. A wide range of finishes To fit in perfectly in your interior, the cigar humidor is available in a wide choice of colours and coverings. It is also available with glass door, full glass door and high gloss black door. A unique automatic control system Thanks to the exclusive humidity and temperature control system, EuroCave ensures ideal storage for your cigars: - A constant temperature of 9°C - 18°C - Humidity levels of 65% - 75% Cigars attractively displayed Storage drawer and/or display tray on sliding shelf, The EuroCave cigar humidors allow you to have several types of storage.

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