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Father's Day Sale~ EuroCave French Wine Cabinet~ La Premiere, PURE Range & Cigar Humidor

🍾🍾Father's Day is just around the corner, and it's the time to find the best gift for your father.  How about the best wine storage solutions for his precious wine and cigar collection?🍾🍾

FREE Shipping, and FREE Local White Gloves Service, plus 2 Years Warranty. Follow our Instagram @jts_habitat_ltd may receive a $50 cash redemption for your instant purchase. The promotion period will last only until June 16th, so don't miss this great opportunity‼️. Please contact us and select your favourite models.🍷🥂

Promotional Models~

1)La Premiere Range

Capacity: 192 bottles (8 Main Du Sommelier Sliding Shelves + 3 Fixed Shelves)


2)PURE Range Medium

Capacity: 146 bottles (10 Main Du Sommelier Sliding Shelves)



3) Cigar Humidor

Capacity: 1000 cigars

Removal Notice


We are pleased to inform you that with effect from 1 November 2023, our company has been relocated to a new address and it is now under renovation, the main telephone numbers and email addresses remain unchanged.  We shall update the new address via website, Instagram, FaceBook, WeChat, and Google Business once ready.


Tel: 236 889 8869



Showroom: To Be Announced


As valued business partners, we thank you for taking the time to update your records. 

We will strive to provide excellent service in appreciation of your continuous support.





电话: 236 889 8869







For & On Behalf of the Management of JTS Habitat Limited


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EuroCave Showroom by JTS HABITAT LTD represents EuroCave full range products exclusively in Vancouver for west coast to open business of EuroCave Professional Wine Cabinets. 

JTS Habitat Limited proudly presents the wine cabinet and storage solutions with the well known French brand- EuroCave. With 45 years of manufacturing and exporting experience and being the inventor of the 1st wine cabinet in the world; EuroCave has dedicated itself to creating products that respect wine and the intention of the wine producer, conveying its wealth of knowledge and passion for wine to consumers in worldwide countries. Our showroom is now opened at the heart of Bridgeport, Richmond and we welcome you all to pay a visit to our showroom and experience the state-of-art.
Please visit the link below, it illustrates that JTS Habitat is the designated EuroCave Showroom and sales distributor for the West Coast of Canada.

Wine Bottles


Origine Garantie FRANCE 法国名牌酒柜

JTS Habitat Ltd provides customers the convenience and security they deserve for all their storage needs. Whether you’re looking for a long term solution for storing all of your items, or are seeking short term storage options — our services are designed to suit your needs. We guarantee the best storage solutions in the industry, and work with all of our clients to make sure all of their requests are met.
JTS Habitat Ltd 陈列室为客户提供满足其所有存储需求的便利性和安全性。无论您是寻找用于存储所有物品的长期解决方案,还是正在寻找短期存储选项,我们的服务都可以满足您的需求。我们保证提供业界最佳的存储解决方案,并与所有客户合作,以确保满足他们的所有要求。


"The best wine cabinet in the world."

At JTS Habitat Ltd., we know what exceptional service means. We provide a wide range of features that enhance our clients’ experience, and sets us apart from competitors in the industry. Since 2000, we have made it a point to provide clients with Convenient Location for all of their storing needs.                                                                                                       




Function: Single-Temperature cabinet, for maturing
Temperature: 12 °C (+/- 0.5 °C)
Humidity: 70%
External Temperature: 0 °C to 35 °C
Dimensions (mm): 1847 (H) x 880 (W) x 617 (D)
Cabinet Capacity: 122 Bordeaux bottles and 2 Magnums or 86 Bordeaux bottles and 20 Magnums or 50 Magnums
Consumption: 150 Kwh/ Year
Energy Efficiency Class: A
Sound Emission: 37 dB(A)
Type of Door: Full Glass Door (3 Layers)
Lighting: LED mood lighting on each level of each shelf
Cabinet Weight: 250 kg

EuroCave Revelation Large Image.jpg


A range of cellar "cozy" all options.

It can be difficult to find reliable and trustworthy storage solutions. At JTS Habitat Ltd., we guarantee quality and commitment in all we do, and cater to your specific needs and requests. We offer Free Driver On Move In so you know you can count on us when you’re storing at JTS Habitat Ltd..                                                                                                                                                                                                             在创建这个新系列时,我们希望提供新一代的室内设计,以提高人体工程学和使用的流畅度。首先,将滑动式架子从地窖中拉出:为增加美观性和流动性而设计,它具有减速装置,可在滑动结束时为架子提供缓冲。最后,整个酒窖周围的一道光带以琥珀色的光晕包裹着您的葡萄酒,极大地增强了酒窖的内部…抗紫外线灯可以完全安全地升华。



For wine aging and displaying remarkable wines.

Like each of our maturing cabinets, Revelation reproduces an environment that allows your wine to reach its full potential and also offers them refined highlighting.  

Usage: Maturing - Single-temperature


Size: Large / Small


74 - 234 bottles
All bottle sizes

In terms of style

The luxury of changing your mind.

Imagine standing in front of your wine cabinet in the morning, admiring the labels of your finest wines. In the evening, reorganise your cabinet to store your newly acquired bottles.

The two bottle supports, placed at the front of the Revelation shelf, allow you to freely choose how to display your bottles: horizontal with the label at the front, on the right, central or on the left.

Interior layout

Ergonomic shelves.

For your daily comfort, Revelation's sliding shelf has a soft-close device that allows quiet and smooth handling for your bootles. Bottle protection is enhanced further by the Main du Sommelier bottle support, a structure in two materials which surrounds and protects your bottles.

Be won over by our articulated display display kit, for maximum impact when serving your wine!


La Première

The fundamental wine storage cabinet by EuroCave.

When you buy a good wine, you have to know how to take care of it. Discover La Première, which will quickly become a must-have for wine lovers.

La Première offers many layout possibilities to best meet your serving and storing requirements. Change or add to your storage according to your requirements thanks to the multi-purpose beech shelf.


La Première 系列提供多种布局可能性,以最好地满足您的服务和存储要求。多用途山毛榉木搁板可根据您的要求更改或添加储酒空间。


Maturing - Single-temperature

Serving - Multi-temperature


Size: S / M / L

Capacity: 50 - 230 bottles (All bottle sizes)


La Première

Interior layout

Customizable layout.
In fixed or sliding version, this beech shelf can hold all types of bottles.  

Thanks to its system of "recesses", the bottles are securely held and you can store Burgundy bottles just as easily as Alsace or Bordeaux ones.  

It is then up to you to decide if you want to stack your bottles, arrange them horizontally or vertically, display the labels.

The shelves can be repositioned.  

In this way, you can change and add to your storage as required.


"High standards for storing and serving wine in the kitchen."

At JTS Habitat Ltd., we care about your storage needs and go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied with our services. Our clients can count on Locally Owned when they choose to work with us. Since 2000, we have provided clients a wide range of features for them to enjoy. These features set us apart from competitors in the industry.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            厨房是房屋的中心元素,不再局限于烹饪的作用。它向全家人开放,通常也向朋友开放。那就是好酒的爱好者喜欢在厨房里找到最美丽的瓶子的方式。因为在分享的这些时刻,桌子周围或酒吧的拐角处,经常会邀请一杯酒。灵感由此诞生。

EuroCave V-INSP-L-amb-cuisine-noir-wenge-FG-wood-service.jpg


Built-in wine cabinet to suit your home.

Inspiration is compact, it brings together discretion and elegance, so it is perfect for fitting inside a custom-made unit.  


Maturing - Single-temperature

Serving: 2-temperature or Multi-temperature


Size: (Flush-fitting / Built-in

Large / Medium / Small


29 - 89 bottles
All bottle sizes

Elegantly complements your interior.

Clean lines, ergonomic curves for a recessed installation flush with the facade... Inspiration was designed to share space, whether in a kitchen or a living room.

All in the detail.

The air vents are invisible, handles disappear, the grip is subtle.

Make way for your precious bottles revealed by a delicate luminous ribbon.

Designed to enhance interiors.

Amber transparency with the glass or full glass doors.

Or minimalist design with a door which matches the elements of the unit it is built into.

Full Glass door, glass door with stainless steel frame, glass door with a technical frame or solid door with technical front panel.

Prolong the pleasure.

Don't think twice about opening a good bottle!

The 2-temperature Inspiration model is fitted with a vacuum sealing system to preserve an open bottle, for up to 10 days*. 

*Depending on the type of wine and its vintage.


Sublime bubbles

A wine cabinet dedicated to displaying and serving champagne.

Champagne, the ultimate drink of seduction, must be stored at the correct temperature before serving and above all, it must be stored in a cabinet which will display it beautifully. Discover how EuroCave creates new moments of celebration around an iconic drink.


1-temperature for Display Tasting Maturing


Lighting: Blue / Amber / Red

Size: Large / Small

Bold champagne presentation.

Sparkling symbol of the French way of life, the champagne cabinet is exclusively dedicated to fine bubbles. 

EuroCave thought big. Nowhere else will you find such an effective cabinet in terms of display.



An elegant new way of serving champagne

Our champagne cabinet will turn your head.

Based on the principle of the ice bucket, this cabinet offers a unique and amazing shelf.

This shelf comprises a turntable on top of which elegant bottle supports in chrome-plated steel hold up to 8 bottles (75cl) or 5 magnums.

Unlike a champagne bucket, the shelf guarantees the precise temperature of the bottle, a real asset for tasting.

A state of mind

A new way of experiencing champagne.

Designed to store all shapes and sizes of champagne bottles* thanks to its specially designed slidding shelves, this cabinet is a bold homage to the originality of champagne houses and their heritage.

* concave bottom

A beautiful finish

Quite simply sublime.

The final detail, custom-made iridescent leather cladding.

The leather subtly covers the areas of the slidding shelves and "ice bucket" shelf the bottles rest on.

Light effects.

With amber, blue or red lighting, the cabinet illuminates the room in which it is installed and fits in perfectly with any decor.

An invitation to drinking and conviviality with a touch of extravagence.

Wine Glasses Hanging from Rack


Origine Garantie FRANCE



Flush-fitting and built-in guranteed.

Planning your next move? At ABC Storage, no job is too big or small — we provide a wide range of storage options that are catered to suit everyone’s needs. We know how overwhelming moving can be, and go the extra mile to simplify the process for you. Our Business Storage option guarantees enough space for all of your most valuable belongings.




"With Pure, store your wine...naturally."

Just a few boxes to store? No problem at all! ABC Storage was established with all your storing interests in mind, and we go the extra mile to simplify the whole process for you. Our Personal Storage option is the perfect solution for all your storing needs and allows customers to comfortably and easily store whatever’s cluttering your life.

Pure系列专为葡萄酒的陈年和饮用而设计,可重现天然酒窖的确切条件。此外,与传统的电窖相比,它可以节省多达55%的能源。得益于技术创新,例如慢速循环压缩机,更厚的结构,更好的绝缘性以及使用R600a气体,R600a气体是对环境最环保,危害最小的气体。 Pure系列具有最低的噪音水平之一,外观与现代风格一样精致。

EuroCave Compact V3 Small Image.jpeg


Simple yet expert.

Tired of all the mess, and looking for a place to store all of your items? You’ve come to the right place! At ABC Storage, we provide a wide selection of storage options to suit your needs. Our Home Storage option ensures clients a safe and secure way to store all of their most valuable items. Leave it up to us to solve your storage needs!

在创建此系列产品时,我们希望提供一种时尚,可定制的酒窖,具有多种现代和设计风格的选择,同时还希望提供一种低能耗的酒窖,以保护环境。提供小型,中型或大容量的实心或玻璃门,La Première系列适用于所有类型的内饰。它尊重您的葡萄酒正确陈酿的5个基本标准,可营造一种保护气氛。 EuroCave的所有专业知识都在其图形和彩色线条之下!

EuroCave Cigar Humidor CC-064 Model.jpeg


A cigar, a timeless moment...



Modulo-X - Metal wine storage system for a customised wine cellar layout


Modular cellar layout solution for optimal wine storage and display.
Whether directly in your natural cellar or in a dedicated air-conditioned room, Modulo-X allows you to design and create a wine cellar in your interior.


Allows you complete freedom in terms of design and adapts to your wine collection and space
Is a telescopic aluminium structure
Is fastened to walls or ceilings up to 3.40 m* in height
Has an island, corner, or linear layout
Has lighting fitted over the entire height of the structure
Has Main du Sommelier bottle supports


A stylish, practical wine storage area

A wine cellar must allow your fine wines to be stored in the best possible conditions, but it should also make you want to drink the wine and be a place for holding events.

Modulo-X allows you to create a unique setting for your wine, thanks to the different bottle layouts offered.

2 types of equipment are available:

  • Shelves for displaying your precious collection: bottles displayed standing, inclined, or flat with labels visible...
    All the shelves are fitted with Main du Sommelier bottle supports.  Detachable and repositionable, this support adapts to all bottle shapes including Riesling, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne and Magnums.
    To make finding and categorizing your wines easier, bottle identification strips, available as an optional extra, cover the shelves and allow you to write the names of your wines.

  • Straight and corner trays, for presenting your accessories, bottles and wine cases.