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Luxury Home Mini Wine Bar

Cabinet Dimension (mm): 850 (H) x 300 (W) x 465 (D)
Weight: 27 kg
Capacity: 12 bottles (Traditional Bordeaux)
Tête à Tête offers a wine refrigerator cabinet of sophistication and modernity. Based on the concept of preserving open bottles, Tête à Tête is a multi-temperature 12 bottle wine serving cabinet offering the possibility of protecting open bottles of wine from oxidation for up to 10 days*. Very user-friendly and clever thanks to its touch screen, Tête à Tête allows you to set the desired serving temperature very accurately and in this way have your favourite bottles ready to drink whenever you want them. Compact and elegant, Tête à Tête is at home in the most sophisticated interiors thanks to its stylised lines, amber lighting, stylish glass top and transparent door. Maximise your wine drinking pleasure...

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